Green Initiatives

An Eco-Friendly Los Angeles Resort

Over the years, Pacific Palms Resort has adopted several green-friendly practices including using energy efficient lighting, implementing a linen and towel reuse program and employing goats to be their natural landscapers. See below for what makes Pacific Palms Resort one of the most green hotels in Los Angeles!


  • Green Committee – Our employees are always looking for new ways to move forward
  • Energy efficient light bulbs throughout the resort
  • Lights set at half power when not in use
  • Paper, plastic, aluminum, and organic recycling containers
  • Energy efficient hot water and heating systems
  • HVAC system is computer controlled and runs only based on demand. Read more here!

Organic Waste Elimination

  • New system reduces 340 tons annually from discarded food and turns it into grey water
  • Grey water is fed into a water reclamation plant for continued watering of our golf courses and grounds

Guest Rooms & Suites

  • Green Seal Certified cleaning & paper products
  • Linen and towel reuse program
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy efficient A/C units
  • Blue recycling containers
  • 100% smoke free

Golf Courses & Grounds

  • Irrigated with reclaimed water
  • Goats used as natural landscapers
  • Composting landscape waste for reuse on property
  • On-site nursery to grow seasonal plants and flowers
  • Eight-acre artificial turf driving range prevents need for watering grass


  • Recycling of aluminum, plastic, glass, and organic waste
  • Minimized use of plastic water bottles
  • Recycle paper used for event attendee pads
  • Water for event guests by request only

Pacific Palms Resort Green Initiatives