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Corporate Activities in Southern California

Shake up your meeting agenda and get your employees thinking outside the box when they’re presented with a team building activity! There are a variety of Los Angeles team building companies that bring the tools and facilitators to your meeting location at Pacific Palms Resort. Once you tell them your group’s needs, they’ll find the activity best suited to your group to get your meeting off right or end it on a high note. Below are several highly recommended and established team building businesses in the area along with some of our own on-site resources available to your group.

Experience your Culinary Side

Treat your team to an experience to last a lifetime. Your team will be broken into smaller groups to work together to create a five-course meal, from writing the menu to producing the meal. They will have to work under the pressures of the kitchen elements, timelines, health standards, and the bustle of the other kitchen activities to produce an award winning dinner complete with wine pairings.

Our own Chef Wes Cavins brings his fun with food attitude and years of experience to teach you how to chop, cut, slice, and dice your way through the meal experience. He will coach you on how to properly sauté, braise, poach, and grill. He will demonstrate all of the courses so that you have a complete understanding of the food and will be able to cook it at your home for evermore.

American Outback Adventures & Events

For more than 20 years, American Outback’s offered team building activities with focuses on active race styles, problem solving, and technology. You choose the location and its experts come to you. The events typically range from three to four hours in length and the activities are recommended based on your group’s goals and abilities.

Feet First Eventertainment  

Feet First combines events with entertainment to get your employees excited to participate in the team building events. Whether you want your employees to work on creative problem solving and communication skills or hold a breakout session for leadership training, this organization offers plenty of indoor and outdoor challenges and group activities.


Get the creativity flowing for your team’s meeting through fun and challenging activities.  The event coordinators at TeamBonding bring the fun to you and oversee all the activities for your participants. Its Los Angeles team building activities include: Shark Teams, Sand Sculpting (off-site), Teamprov, and Make a Movie. As a filming location already, we think the Make a Movie challenge would be executed perfectly at Pacific Palms Resort.

Team Builders Plus

Team Builders Plus focuses on the purpose and style of your event to bring out the best in your employees. They have events for teams that just want to have fun or improve communication, as well as working through team issues or breaking the ice among employees. It also has competitive, developmental, and charitable programs.

Wise Guys Events

With a focus on play and bringing out your employees’ best strengths, these guys will reaffirm that each and every team member is an asset to the company. The events include an on-site game master to facilitate, all the tools for your game, and a private online archive of photos and videos for your team to enjoy after you get back to the office.  Custom built games are also offered.

We’re more than happy to ensure you have enough space for your team building event when you host a meeting at Pacific Palms Resort. You may also submit an RFP for more information.