Homestead Museum

Homestead Museum Images

  • La Casa Nueva (The New House) is a fully restored and beautiful example of 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.
  • The main hall of La Casa Nueva is full of the types of architectural crafts that can be found throughout the home including tile, carved woo
  • The Workman House is a Victorian-era country home built around an 1840s adobe.

City of Industry Activities

California’s Homestead Museum is located on a six acre site that dates from the era when the state was still a part of Mexico through the 1920’s, when Los Angeles had become a major American city. Housed in a country home whose foundations date back to the 1840’s, the Homestead Museum’s historical significance, meticulous restoration and educational programs have received numerous awards and recognitions. It’s truly one of our state’s historical treasures!

More specifically, the museum focuses on the area’s history from about 1830 to 1930—and the Workman and Temple families, two groups who lived in the museum’s current location. The museum is only available to visit on one of their guided tours, which are offered hourly from 1:00 to 4:00, Wednesday through Sunday. Reservations are not needed.

We also recommend taking a look at the museum’s calendar page for more information about free events that might be taking place during your visit. A sewing workshop, “All About Cowboys”, Behind-the-Scenes tours and more are offered throughout the year.