Top Places to Propose in California

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Friday, October 19, 2018

California is full of beautiful places to visit, explore, and make unforgettable memories. So how do you choose an incredible place to propose in California? Planning a wedding is stressful enough so, take the stress out of deciding on where to propose by using our list of top places to propose in California.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art

image of urban light display at LACMA

The urban light display at the Los Angeles Museum of Art takes romantic lighting to an entirely new level. This light display of 202 street lamps, lined in perfect unison, greet visitors to the art museum and create a beautiful backdrop for your proposal. This art display has become an icon in Los Angeles, so regardless if your better half is an art aficionado or not, this is truly one unique place to propose in California.


Balboa Park Casa Del Prado

image of Balboa Park in San Diego

Located in San Diego, Balboa Park is known for its historic art, theatre, Spanish architecture, and botanical venues. The centerpiece of this park sits the Casa Del Prado building, a regal Spanish renaissance style building. Combined with the elegance of this venue and the ample green and colorful gardens, this is the perfect place for her to say yes!


Napa Valley wine train

This one of a kind wine train takes you through some of California’s most scenic landscapes and vineyards. This 1915 train has been restored to maintain its classic charm, providing travelers with a gourmet dinner, wine tasting, and undeniable scenery. California’s wine country comes with is a sort of known elegance and sophistication, creating an ideal setting to pop the question. 


Santa Monica Pier

image of Santa Monica Pier at night

This icon of Los Angeles offers many different options when it comes to your marriage proposal. Walk out to the end of the pier for beautiful ocean views or hop on the gigantic Ferris wheel and ask the question. A night proposal at the pier is truly special as it provides colorful surroundings that can only be appreciated during twilight hours.


Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Add a little drama to the big day and take your soon-to-be fiancé up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for stunning views of Palm Springs and the San Bernardino Mountains. While it may not be the most private forum to propose, you will have ample opportunity for someone to snap a photo of your special day!


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Pacific Palms Resort

image of LA skyline from Pacific Palms Resort

Pamper your special someone with a weekend at Pacific Palms Resort and pop the question from our hilltop luxury resort. Spend your entire weekend enjoying our on-site spa, golf courses, pool, plus restaurants and night entertainment. And what is more romantic than getting married the same place you proposed? Once they have said yes start planning your wedding at Pacific Palms Resort.


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Where to have your Los Angeles wedding

image of wedding gazebo at Pacific Palms Resort

Pacific Palms Resort has been hosting weddings for happy couples for years. Our expert event planners are here for you every step of the way, from initial set-up to the day-of ceremony we have you covered! With our beautiful backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains and the faint distant view of the L.A. skyline creates the perfect setting for your Los Aneles wedding.

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