Top 10 questions to ask your wedding venue

Top 10 questions to ask your wedding venue Images

  • Wedding coordinator and bride
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Are wedding bells ringing? As you plan to walk down the aisle, plan the perfect reception too with these top 10 questions for your wedding venue. The venue’s wedding coordinator will expect you have to certain questions or ideas about your wedding, so go into those conversations prepared by using our questions below to jumpstart ideas you may have.

Top 10 questions for your wedding venue:

1. How many guests can the space accommodate?

You should have a rough estimate as to how many guests you’ll be inviting to your wedding. You can also provide a range to the coordinator who may budget on the higher end, and larger venues may have several smaller spaces available depending on your guest count.

2. Will I have an on-site coordinator available to me and how many other events could be going on the day of my wedding?

Make sure someone at the venue is dedicated to ensuring your day goes smoothly and can liaison with other vendors and coordinators on your behalf. Many venues have in-house coordinators who will be there the day of your wedding, but it’s also good to ask how many events the venue can host that day to see if your coordinator can offer you their full attention.

3. How many hours do I have for my wedding and is there any flexibility?

Most venues offer weddings in hour blocks, like a 5-hour block or 8-hour block. Know how many hours you’ll have the space for and if that includes photo time or if there’s any flexibility or the option to add hours.


4. Can I have my ceremony or other wedding-related event here?

Want to have your ceremony and reception at the same venue? For many venues, it’s not a problem and is just an additional fee for that site or space. Many couples are also adding after-hours parties to their night or hosting a group brunch the next morning, so ask about the space to do a private event around the date of your ceremony and any associated costs.

5. How much is the deposit and what other fees will be on my final invoice?

A very important question as these venues will continue to book other weddings until you’ve put down a deposit for your date. Know exactly how much the deposit is, how you can pay it, and any cancellation fees should they be incurred. You’ll also want to get information on service charges or additional fees for catering, drinks, and other services that you may not be thinking about budgeting for.

6. Do you offer catering services or a list of preferred vendors?

Many venues either do the catering themselves or work with a list of preferred vendors who know the venue and have done quality work in the past. If the venue does its own catering, ask for a sample menu or questions about the flexibility of the menu if you have certain dietary restrictions or wish to customize the menu around your preferred tastes. While on the subject of food, be sure to inquire about a cake or cake cutting fee if you can bring an outside cake in.


7. What are my options for beverages? Hosted bar, cash bar, or can I buy a package?

Some venues have their own liquor licenses and permits and others allow you to bring your own in. Find out your options for alcohol so you can appropriately budget drinks for your guests. The wedding coordinator should also be able to provide an estimated cost for alcohol based on your guest count, whether it’s hosted or cash, and share pricing structures for drink packages.

8. Do you offer room blocks or a list of nearby lodging?

This is a great question for hotel wedding venues to see what room block offerings they have and what discounts they can provide your guests. If they can offer room blocks, be sure to inquire about parking (paid or free) for your overnight guests. We love being able to host weddings and know that the guests don’t have to leave the property to get a good night’s rest after tearing it up on the dance floor.

9. What are my options for music?

Can the venue accommodate a live band, a DJ, or can you connect your iPod to the sound system? 

Wedding reception decor

10. Are there any limitations on décor?

Some venues won’t let you use candles, sparklers, or confetti with your décor. Understand what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed and if that works with your vision for your wedding. It’s also good to know who is responsible for clean-up and tear down and at what time. 

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