Stick to your travel resolutions in 2018

Stick to your travel resolutions in 2018 Images

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Resolving to travel more in 2018? We've outlined some tips to make sure it's a reality and without breaking the bank.

Outline destinations

Be specific about where you want to go in 2018 as a simple “travel more” resolution isn’t very clear and doesn’t direct you toward a destination. Being specific about your New Year’s resolutions is an important piece of being able to commit to them. Explore destinations you’ve had on your bucket list and determine which ones are getting checked off this year and then put the rest on hold for 2019 to not split your focus.

Set realistic budgets

Traveling can easily add some new, and spendy, line items to your credit card bills. Get realistic advice on travel budgets from the experts, like travel agents, friends who have traveled to where you want to go, or find online forums where you can ask for budgeting advice. You could also look into traveling in the off-season for popular destinations to save some money on your airfare and hotel.

Use fare trackers

Sign up for email lists or follow blogs that track airfare prices to get the best deal on your vacation. You can also look for bundled discounts or packages through hotels, resorts, and third party travel agencies for additional savings.

Drop an “all or nothing” mentality

Not all PTO days or vacation time allowances are created equally so it’s often not easy to plan that awesome two-week Caribbean vacation you saw on Instagram. Your vacation doesn’t have to be straight out of a movie to be awesome. Take smaller weekend getaways or staycations instead of using all of your vacation time at once. Not only does this help you cross off more places on your travel bucket list but you can budget your PTO appropriately.

Start an automatic savings plan

Chances are good that your bank allows you to set automatic withdrawals each month into your savings account. Start sending $100, or whatever you can afford with your budget, each month into a separate account that’s just for travel-related expenses. You can set it and forget it and that way that money will be untouched until it’s time to pack up your suitcase.  Keep in mind that you might need to analyze your budget and make some sacrifices for your travel resolutions to become reality, like cutting that morning Starbucks run or dining out every Friday and Saturday.

Put it on your calendar

“It’s not a good time to leave the office,” or “I have too many projects I need to finish right now,” are all excuses we’ve heard or given as to why we can’t take time off. An easy way around this is to simply book your trip and put it on your calendar so it’s set in stone.

Re-use or borrow travel accessories

A lot of us tend to buy new accessories, clothes, or luggage for vacations when we don’t need to. Take the same accessories you have at home on the road with you or borrow specialty items like converters or camping gear from friends or family.

Learn a new language

Been dreaming of going to Paris for the last five years? Start learning French with free language apps, like Duolingo or Babbel, or with paid options like Rosetta Stone to commit to the trip and feel more prepared once you get there. Not only is this a resolution in and of itself but it’s also a fun way to keep yourself in check for bigger travel resolutions.

Solo trips

You could also plan smaller, solo trips just for yourself instead of waiting for everyone’s schedules to align perfectly. A solo trip is a great way to recharge and allows you to budget for one instead of two.  

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