Stanley Cup's California Staycation

Stanley Cup’s California Staycation Images

  • Stanley Cup on the Desk in the Front Lobby of Pacific Palms Resort
  • Stanley Cup in Golf Cart at Pacific Palms Resort
  • Stanley Cup on a Massage Table
  • Stanley Cup at Table on Red Restaurant Patio
  • Stanley Cup on a Stool at Pacific Palms Resort Red Bar
  • Reception for Stanley Cup Champions in Ballroom at Pacific Palms Resort
  • Stanley Cup on Bed in the Pacific Palms Resort Presidential Suite
Thursday, October 02, 2014

After a rough 2013-2014 hockey season ending with the Los Angeles Kings’ win, Stanley Cup decided to relax and recharge with a staycation at Pacific Palms Resort.


First, Stanley had to check-in. Our front desk staff was very accommodating to Stanley, allowing him up on the counter to get his room key; though signing for the room was a bit difficult. He’s not the biggest fan of signing his autograph, but was very friendly when it came to our staff getting photos with him!


Stanley travels pretty light, so his first stop of the day was Industry Hills Golf Course for a premier tee time. Stanley has a bit of a “silver foot” as he zoomed along the course. He did admit that golf isn’t his best sport, but told us if he was on the ice he’d be skating circles around us. Stanley said his favorite hole was #10 on the Eisenhower, also known as the Ike, because of the downhill slope aiding his stroke.


After checking his final score, Stanley decided it was time to work out some tarnish with a trip to the Spa. Like our other guests, Stanley loved the treatments that were available. He selected a Deep Tissue Massage and threw in a Restorative Facial so he could look his best for the evening.

Red Patio

Stanley knows nothing follows a great massage better than a great meal! He chose the best seat in the house for dinner at Red Restaurant’s Patio overlooking Celebration Lake, the golf course, and the San Gabriel Mountains. He loved the views and dined slowly, we have a feeling he might not get outside much.

Red Bar

In the evening, Stanley was lured to Red Bar by the sounds of the hockey game on TV. The bartender took good care of Stanley as he enjoyed his beverage and hockey highlights.

Guest of Honor Guest of Honor

Stanley couldn’t contain his excitement any longer and headed to the Majestic Ballroom for the ceremony in his honor. Hundreds of people turned up to see him and he truly glowed with pride at the ceremony. He was overrun with delight at his reunion with some of his winning L.A. Kings teammates.

Presidential Suite

Finally, after a great day of fun, relaxation, and celebration, Stanley enjoyed crawling into his king bed in the Presidential Suite and thanking the L.A. Kings for getting him here.

Thanks, Stanley, for spending your staycation with us.

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