Spring cleaning at the spa

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  • Hot stone massage
Thursday, April 20, 2017

Your house isn't the only thing that could use a refresh this spring! Reduce muscle knots, eliminate toxins, and get a fresh new color at the salon with a visit to the spa this spring. Here are some of our top spring trends or treatments we highly recommend you take advantage of after you clean out your home.


After all that heavy lifting and cleaning you owe it to your hardworking muscles to visit the spa for a relaxing massage treatment. Though it’s plenty warm outside, now’s the perfect time to warm it up in the spa with a Tao stone or ambre massage as they both incorporate heat to penetrate the deeper layers of your muscles. Undo the stresses from winter and get your muscles relaxed and limber for all the fun you’ll have this summer!


This spring, we’re seeing a major trend of using grayscale tones for manicures as well as the popular soft pastels and vibrant pinks we normally see each year. If you’re looking for a new look for your nails, come in and find a gray tone you like to be on trend but also unique.

You might want to also invest in a hand scrub treatment after all that scouring and cleaning around the home so your hands are refreshed, feeling healthy, and you’re ready to show off that new manicure.

Hair highlights


Revitalize your look this spring with a new hair color! Top colors we’re expecting to work on this spring include the cool chocolate brown, warm strawberry blonde or rose gold, or the natural honey shade that’s not exactly blonde but not exactly brunette either! Just be sure to stock up on color-friendly shampoos and conditioners to make your color look newer longer. 

Some style trends we’re excited to work on include the layered lob with plenty of texture and movement as well as the fun ‘70s inspired bardot bangs or French fringe for a wispy take on bangs.

If you’re not making any color or styling changes, our stylists do have a few tips to make sure your hair is healthy and looking its best this spring!

  • Remember to add your hair protector or product before using any heat on your hair. Hair serum, leave-in conditioner, or protectors will reduce heat damage and keep your hair moisturized and healthy looking. As we approach the summer, it’s also important to protect your hair from the natural heat from the sun by using products with SPF in them or keeping your hair covered when outside for extended periods of time.
  • Noticing a lot of static in your hair? Make sure your hair is getting the moisture it needs with your conditioner and any products you use but if you’re in a pinch, you could also run a dryer sheet down your hair or spray hairspray directly on your brush and running it through your hair to eliminate static.


Put your best face forward this spring with a revitalizing facial at the spa! We recommend our brightening and rejuvenating hyperpigmentation facial to reduce discoloration, get those facial muscles to relax after a massage, and soak up the moisture with anti-aging serums for a fresh look for the fresh season.

Not quite sure what to book at the spa? We’ve made it super easy to get the best treatments with our April packages or other special offers or we’re happy to customize a spa day around your specific needs. We look forward to seeing you this spring!

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