5 Technology Trends for Your Next Meeting

5 Technology Trends for Your Next Meeting Images

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We all appreciate meetings and conferences that are efficient and effectively convey the information we want to share. A big factor in today’s meetings is the technology used to facilitate and carry out that event. Here at Pacific Palms Resort, we try to keep up with the latest meeting technology trends and advancements so our meeting planners have the high quality and high functioning meeting they envision.

Here are a few emerging meeting trends and technologies we’re watching for the future of hosting meetings:


A great addition to most meetings is the opportunity to connect and network with peers. The next generation of meeting goers craves hands-on and interactive learning. Conference presentations these days include digital surveys for attendees to participate in during the session and help shape the flow of the presentation. 

Social Meetings

Back in the late 90s and early 00s, attendees would hesitate to check their phones or leave the room to use their cell phone. Nowadays, you’d be playing a Where’s Waldo of the person not on their phone. Meeting attendees are encouraged to post questions or favorite quotes from the conference session to social media to help aggregate information passed on during the session. We’re seeing a trend of conference planners needing technology to broadcast tweets or social media mentions in real time. 

Virtual Meetings

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever for us to connect with people across world without booking a flight through technology like Skype or Google Hangouts. Video conferencing is becoming ever more popular and technology is doing its part to keep up with better streaming and sound capabilities, as well as high definition resolution.  This helps keep attendance up for your conference or meeting but accommodates unforeseen circumstances that prevent attendees from physically being there.

Note Taking
Like we mentioned earlier, professionals always have their phones with them and are prepared to use them. Over the years we’ve seen the decline in the need for notepads as most attendees prefer to use their tablet or laptop for note taking. A major detail that event planners are accounting for now is access to electrical outlets and power sources for these devices.

Event Apps

Though this technology can be costly, especially for a one-time event, they do have their benefits. You won’t have to spend the cost or the resources to print event guides and users can access all the information they need without carrying around extra materials. One thing to consider with an app is to plan for its longevity. Can it be used after the event as a community hub or educational resource? If you have the budget and time for an app it could be a fun enhancement to your event but this technology does require some major planning ahead of time.

Most meeting professionals agree that face-to-face meetings and events are not going anywhere and that these technologies are here to enhance the overall experience.  Let these new technologies and tools work for you instead of creating more work for you.
Ask us how we can incorporate your meeting’s technology needs at your next event when you fill out a Meetings RFP.

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