How to Introduce Yourself at a Networking Event

Monday, August 27, 2018

In town for a networking event, conference or just here on business and looking to expand your business network? Networking in L.A. offers many great opportunities to meet other like-minded business professionals, but the challenge is finding a natural and comfortable way to introduce yourself to those who you want to make an impression with. Read our tips on how to introduce yourself at a Networking Event and start gaining the confidence to strike up a memorable conversation.

Connect over a shared experience

Nothing engages people more than being able to talk about shared experiences or similar affiliations. If you’re at a conference, open with your connection to the organizer or your interest in the topic. Even at social events like a wedding, lead with how you know the bride or groom, it’s almost a guarantee to be an instant connection. Let the conversation naturally build from there and hopefully open the door for a meaningful business relationship.

Come prepared with a good story

Come prepared with a good story to tell, particularly useful in small group settings. Speak up when you hear something you can relate to and chime in with “that reminds me of this story…”. This is a great way to get yourself involved in the conversation and a way to talk about a subject you feel comfortable about. Take the opportunity to also slip in information about what you do, and you’ll avoid it sounding forced.

Get personal

An introduction is really the beginning of a relationship so why not try sharing something personal first? Talk about where you grew up, a favorite hobby, family or a side project you may have going on. Build upon the personal introduction and then switch to your professional background. This way you seem more like a “real person” rather than just another “pitch”.

Focus on your area of expertise

You know what your strong suit is so why not start there? It is a good “go-to” way to strike up a conversation, especially if you don’t know what to lead with. You know yourself better than anyone and can talk about your professional background and accomplishments better than the person next to you. Try to be as memorable as you can with this approach as this is a common lead in tactic.

Avoid “title” introductions

The quickest way to get lost in the crowd is to introduce yourself as, “Hi my name is XXX, I am the senior litigator at XXX”. Instead try saying, “Hi my name is XXX, I assist my clients in getting the best quality of legal advice.” This will help you stand out and let others gain insight into what you do best in your position.


Whether you are in town for a business event or hosting a conference at Pacific Palms Resort, be sure to use these professional networking tips to help yourself stand out from the crowd.

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