How to Create an Instagram-worthy Wedding

How to Create an Instagram-worthy Wedding Images

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Monday, February 25, 2019

One of the best ways to gather up fun and memorable photos (not just from your professional photographer) is to create a #hashtag around your wedding and encourage guests to post their most eye-catching scene from your wedding. But you want to make sure your wedding is an event people want to photograph and share. So here are several different ways to create an Instagram-worthy wedding.

Colorful details

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Draw people in with bright and colorful details that will stand out in any photograph. Flowers are an obvious place to start with less traditional options like a neon sign. Another fun way to add color and create an Instagram-worthy wedding is with colorful confetti. As one of the wedding trends for 2019, confetti adds a “wow” factor to any wedding photo.

Creative wedding favors

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Avoid the common wedding favor options like a bar of soap or candle and spring for something unique and unforgettable that they must take a picture of and share on Instagram. A few fun ideas include a mini cocktail shaker with a drink recipe, individual doughnut, or anything that can be functional and personalized. The key to remember is to make the presentation eye-catching so people will want to share.

Eye-catching features

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Create one or several unique and eye-catching features that guests will want to snap a photo of. Think of a brightly colored wall that creates a fun backdrop for photos, a champagne waterfall, ice sculpture, or fanciful gazebo - the possibilities are endless.

Hand Calligraphy

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The devil is in the details, so spruce up every detail of your wedding with hand calligraphy. Hire a calligrapher to turn practically anything you want into a beautiful custom masterpiece. Whether it’s printed on your gifted tote bags for your bridesmaids or the personalized place settings, there are many opportunities to make every detail of your wedding picture-worthy.

Southern California wedding venue

One of the best ways to create an Instagram-worthy wedding is by choosing a beautiful location that provides many photo opportunities. Pacific Palms Resort weddings offer just that. Our stunning location in the San Gabriel Valley offers undeniable views of the San Gabriel Mountains with indoor and outdoor wedding options. Our wedding specialists and event planners work to ensure every detail is perfected and your ceremony and reception are picture perfect.

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Create a memorable wedding experience at Pacific Palms Resort with our many services and amenities such as our championship golf course, luxurious spa, and two on-site restaurants

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