Golf Tips from the PGA Pros at Industry Hills

Golf Tips from the PGA Pros at Industry Hills Images

Thursday, April 26, 2018

In honor of National Golf Day, we asked our PGA pros at Industry Hills Golf Club for some tips to improve our game this summer! See what they had to say!

Proper Stance

One major aspect of your golf game that must be improved is making sure you have a proper stance. It may sound obvious, but a proper or improper stance can really make your break your game. Think of these tips when setting up your stance:

1.       Ensure the right width of your stance, it will vary on longer vs. shorter shots.

2.       The right amount of knee flex, do not lock your knees.

3.       Good posture is key.

4.       Spread your weight evenly between your toes and heels.

Choose the Right Club

Your club is a crucial part of an overall good golf game, which is why you are allowed to carry 14 different clubs during a game. But choosing the right club is important to a successful swing. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right club:

1.       Understand how you hit with each club in your bag.

2.       Know your distance to the target and how far you normally hit with each club. Also, know your yard difference between each of your clubs.

Get a Good Grip

A good solid grip is key to improving your golf game. Follow these simple steps to a better grip:

1.       Understand where exactly to place your hands.

2.       Use a black marker to mark your glove on where your club should align.

3.       Interlocking vs. overlapping your hands, while you can do both, most pros tend to lean more towards overlapping their hands for a bit more control.

4.       Until you have mastered your grip keep your grip strength neutral.

Master the Swing

Now that you have your stance down with the right grip and club it is time to master your golf swing. Use these tips and improve your overall swing:

1.       Keep your hands low.

2.       Use your body for power.

3.       Keep your hands and body in sync by moving your club with your shoulders and chest, not your hands.

4.       Slow it down. It is a fine balance between power and setting the right tempo.

5.       Think of your golf swing as a tilted circle and swing along that path for better accuracy.

Don’t Fight the Wind

While it might be intuitive to make a harder swing when it is windy outside, it is quite the opposite. You should make an easier swing. Follow these three simple steps to make the wind your ally:

1.       Tee the ball an inch higher.

2.       Compared to your normal stance, move the ball 1-inch further out.

3.       Swing easy, fight the urge to swing harder.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Well, practice doesn’t make perfect, but it certainly can help you get better! So, while all these tips will help to improve your overall game, ultimately it is consistent practice, that will make you better at your game. Set up regular practice games to perfect the skills and tips you have learned and watch your score improve. 

Take these golf tips to the next level and book some time with one of our golf pros during your next stay.

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