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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Planning a corporate retreat or company getaway before the end of the year? Add an element of team building to improve camaraderie, relationships, and cooperation between your employees. Strengthen your team with these unique and fun team building activities - perfect for a fall corporate retreat!

Use prior feedback

Talk to your managers and supervisors about any issues or concerns employees have voiced over the past year. Is there anything you can address during a team building activity or should there be a particular focus for your retreat? Getting insight and input from others will help people feel more connected to the retreat and feel like they’ll get something out of it.

Have a purpose

Need to work on teamwork, communication, or job-specific skills? Make sure you have a goal or purpose in mind when creating your retreat and selecting team building activities.

Get buy-in

Ensure your managers and supervisors are onboard with the retreat’s focus and activities. None of the rest of the team will take it seriously or want to participate if their supervisors or managers are disinterested in the event. It should be an all-hands on deck situation.

Team having a meeting

Set a budget

Determine your budget for this event, whether it’s a one-day out of office event or a multi-day retreat. Take into account food expenses, vendor fees, and any lodging if it is a multi-day affair.

Find a venue

Find a venue that has space for your activities as well as experience hosting team building activities. If this is a multi-day event, be sure there are options for activities after the work day is over like restaurants, common areas, and even hotel rooms if you’re having your employees stay on-site.

Bring in guests

Need a morale boost for your employees? Why not bring in a motivational speaker? Having a guest speaker can inspire your employees and provide a break from activities and meetings. If your retreat is only one day, you can have speakers limit their presentation to a half hour or less.

Another option is to have a guest instructor come in and coordinate the team building activities. There are many instructors who excel at bringing employees together and facilitating the day’s activities. They also have the advantage of an outsider’s perspective and can point out where the team is doing well and highlight other areas of improvement.

Cooking class

Select activities and create an itinerary

Find activities that are easy to explain and encourage teamwork and communication. Some activities can be done as a whole group or you could create smaller teams to add a little competition to the day.

Some popular activities include:

  • Ice breakers like “desert island” are a great way to get people thinking critically and having them share something personal.
  • Games like races or building something can bring out the competitive side in people but also teach them how to work well with others and communicate to win/finish first.
  • Classes can be a fun way to change up team building! Try a cooking class together or perhaps a meditation or yoga class as something new.

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