Fore! Four Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

Fore! Four Golf Tips to Improve Your Game Images

  • Golf course at Pacific Palms Resort
Thursday, July 16, 2015

In honor of the recent holiday and the fact that Southern California is the perfect place for a day on the green, we're sharing a few tips from our golf pros on how to improve your game this summer!

With years of experience as a highly rated golf course in the Los Angeles area, our professionals have a few tips and tricks up their sleeves for golfers wanting to reduce their handicap, improve distance, or just improve upon their techniques. These tips aren’t complicated as you’ll just have to remember: ASAP!

Accuracy: Michael Breed from the Golf Channel shares a lot of the same ideas we have about improving your accuracy without losing distance! A common correction we do during golf lessons is the golfer’s grip because proper technique can vastly improve your game. To start, the “V” shape of your hands should be pointing toward your clavicles, not your shoulders. Keep your hands up around the middle of the grip and not all the way down toward the shaft. When both hands are on the club, you should feel pressure on your left thumb from the base of your right thumb.

Swing: Golf takes a lot of practice and uses a lot of techniques but for some golfers, we’ve seen better games when they relax about their technique a bit. We often get questions about arm placement with backswings and while instruction shows to keep your arms low and toward your chest on the backswing, we’ve had many golfers drive much better when they’re free to swing their arms back to follow through. The power is coming from your arms, chest, and hips, so do what makes you comfortable and gives your swing more power.

Assess: We only get better at golf when we assess our techniques and adjust accordingly, and one tip we picked up was to mark the face of your club with a light powder so you can see exactly where your club strikes the ball. You want your club to be center to the ball for better distance and direction.

Plant: We love the term that 2014 U.S. Women’s Open champion Michelle Wie uses: A power plant. We’ve worked with golfers on their stance for better swings, but we like her ideas on focusing on your stance before even looking out on the green for your target. You should engage your leg muscles to keep your stance solid so your legs won’t wobble under the pressure of your swing motion. A broader base also limits how much you can turn your hips which can lead to greater coil.

Want to hear the golf advice straight from our pros? Schedule a lesson or swing by the course to get some insider tips and then practice your new techniques on the green.

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