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Friday, April 13, 2018

Traveling with your dog? There is a lot to consider when planning and packing for a vacation, let alone adding a checklist for your pet. So, to help you in the planning process read these dog-friendly travel tips before packing your bag and fido’s!

Consider your location

When planning your activities for your vacation research the pet-friendly options in the area. There are some cities that are more dog-friendly than others. And if planning an outdoor activity, know what parks or gardens that allow dogs, as there are some that have restrictions.

Pet Checkup

Before you even head out on your vacation make a visit to your vet for a check-up and confirm all vaccinations are up to date. Discuss where you will be traveling and if there are any specific concerns you need to be made aware of. Be sure to also carry your vaccination records plus any medications with you on your trip.

Dog Security

In the unfortunate incident that you might lose your dog, having your dog chipped will help better your chances of finding them. Even bringing a recent photo of your dog will help in finding your dog. And always be sure your dog is wearing their most current tags.

Confirm Pet Policies

While there are a lot of hotels that offer pet-friendly accommodations, some do not. So always be sure to confirm pet policies where you are staying. Every hotel will have their own policy that should be available on their website. We here at Pacific Palms Resort welcome your pets to stay with us. Read here for more on our pet policy.

Keep your Dog Calm

You never know how your dog might react when in a different environment. Consider having your dog sedated while traveling to your destination, particularly when traveling by plane. Or even bring some calming spray to help settle their nerves, and yours!

Goodies and Treats

Everyone loves a little treat at the end of the day and so does your dog. Either to reward them for being good or just as a fun treat, your dog will be happy you brought them along.

Travel Beds

Make sure your dog has somewhere to sleep, so be sure to bring along their bed. There are also plenty of packable dog beds to help save space, whether you are traveling by plane or car. Plus, a travel blanket for extra comfort.

Doggie Bags

Just as you would at home, be sure to pack doggie bags so you are able to pick up after your pet. Not only is it just good common sense, but much better for the environment!

Food and Water

It goes without saying your dog will need to eat and drink while on vacation. Measure out food amounts before you head out and be sure to pack a little extra just in case! Also, be sure to pack a packable food and water bowl, for convenience.

Pacific Palms Resort offers pet-friendly accommodations, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend behind!

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