Create the perfect fall corporate retreat

Monday, September 19, 2016

We’re hard at work this season with meeting our event planners as they plan their fall corporate retreats and along the way we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to share! So, if you’re organizing a fall conference or corporate event, review these ideas to ensure your event is productive and a hit with your employees.

Craft a goal

You don’t schedule meetings just to schedule meetings so don’t schedule corporate retreats just to have one and keep everything the same. Retreats are designed to help everyone work better as a team, invigorate the employees, and realign business goals.

Tip: Not sure how to present your goal? Try this trick: Imagine the end of your retreat and you’re asking what employees got out of the retreat. What answer or improvement to the business do you hope to get?

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Know your budget

Don’t let the business go bankrupt because the retreat cost more than the company’s yearly revenue. It’s OK to start small with a limited budget and grow each year as you figure out what works for your company and what doesn’t in the retreat.

Tip: Match your venue to your company size. A smaller group means a smaller venue can be more effective whereas a larger group will have more needs in terms of activities and space for productive meetings.

There’s no such thing as “too organized”

It may feel like you’re always communicating event details or telling attendees where they need to be and when but there’s nothing wrong with being overly organized and over-communication.

Tip: Create a master document on your server or on a shared program like Google Sheets to keep everyone up to date on the retreat’s dates, location, schedule, and any other pertinent information.

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Change up your environment

Even non-remote teams need a change of scenery to stir their creative juices or work with team members they don’t get to as often as they’d like.

Tip: Find a venue that’s easily accessible or near major transportation. You could have members of your team that are uncomfortable with long flights or navigating major cities by themselves. Try to find a venue that’s appropriate in size and easy to get to.

Variety is the spice of business

We know you’re coming here to be productive and focused on the business but half the fun of changing up the environment is the new activities to enjoy! Create a schedule of structured events and teambuilding activities for employees to do together as well as some free time where employees can mingle on their own accord or relax on their own.

Tip: Select a venue that has a great mix of meeting space and leisure space to maximize your productivity and maximize their fun at the retreat.

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Don’t be afraid to use other outside resources

You’ll often learn new things about your employees or how they view work processes just by being outside of the office but another easy way to keep the retreat focused is to use a facilitator. Facilitators are trained to help groups run effective meetings, work through teambuilding exercises, or work on decision making skills.

Tip: Find a professional facilitator to lead group discussions or activities – it’s important that the facilitator has no stake in the outcomes of the meetings or teambuilding activities but can professionally guide the group in the activity.

Set the tone

Choosing the right setting can set the tone for your employees. Make sure that the venue you choose matches your business’ goals of the retreat and provides the right backdrop for an effective team getaway. Luckily our resort sets the tone of work and play making Pacific Palms Resort a great location for a corporate retreat.

Tip: Though it’s more cost-effective to have teammates bunk up like they’re in camp, we’ve found that more successful meetings allow each employee their own private room and space to recharge for the next meeting or day of the retreat.

Already on the lookout for venues for your fall retreat? Get more information on hosting your meeting or event at Pacific Palms Resort.

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