5 tips for a dog-friendly wedding

5 tips for a dog-friendly wedding Images

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Is your best friend going to be in your wedding? We don't mean the person you're marrying; we mean the four-legged variety! Many wedding venues and brides and grooms are choosing to incorporate man’s best friend into weddings and it can be easier than you think. Check out these five tips for a dog-friendly wedding.

1. Select a dog-friendly wedding venue: OK, this might seem rather obvious but it’s a very important aspect. Ensure that your venue is dog-friendly, that the staff has worked with dogs before in weddings, and understand if you need any additional insurance for your pet. It’s good to know if there are any rooms or venues that are off limits to animals and what the policies are for the rest of the venue for your pet.

2. Talk with your photographer: Some photographers are used to working with couples and their dog(s) and are comfortable working with and attempting to pose dogs. Other photographers prefer to work with just people. Share your plans to include your dog in your day so they know if your wedding is the right fit for them or if they need to recommend someone else. Your photographer will probably also want to get to know your pet the day of so they can better understand the pet’s personality and how they might work in certain shots. Set aside some time for your photographer and pet to get to know each other.

Dog with treat

3. Have a friend/family member in charge of Fido: Ask a friend, family member, or trusted dog walker to keep watch over your pup for the day. This could also be a great way to keep older children involved in the wedding or a few younger children that are supervised. Pack plenty of treats, peanut butter, and water for the watcher to give to the dog throughout the day. Be sure to thank the puppy sitter and provide any keys they may need to let your dog go rest for a bit between wedding events.

4. Think of guests with allergies: Let guests know in advance, whether on your save the dates, invites, or wedding website, about your plans to include your dog so guests with pet allergies can come prepared.

Dog in bowtie

5. Accessories: Dress up your pooch for the big day with a cute collar, bow tie, bandana, or even a dog-sized tux if they’re tolerant of clothing! It’ll make them look like part of the wedding party, be great for photos, and elicit some adorable reactions from your wedding guests.

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