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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Planning your L.A. wedding in 2019?  As we look ahead to the new year, these are our favorite 2019 wedding trends we’re loving for making your special day unforgettable.

Coral colors

image of living coral

Image from Pantone - @pantone 

Pantone just announced its color of 2019 is a pinky-orange called “Living Coral”. This cheeky tone is a perfect splash of color to your wedding color pallet. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, this color will surely brighten up your day.

Back to the basics

image of woman in wedding dress

For those who like to keep it simple, 2019 is the year for you! 2019 ushers in the return of the classic wedding dress, with simple designs and elegant styles. For this style, the key is good tailoring and finding the right style to work with your body shape. No embellishments and clean lines are also important to achieving this look.

Eco-conscious and ethical weddings

Just as eco-tourism is trending now so it would make sense brides and grooms are seeking eco-conscious weddings. From foam-free flower installations to wedding cakes made with locally sourced ingredients, the ways in which you can host an eco-friendly wedding are increasing.


Everything we do seems to be more personalized, especially with the features of social media, and this extra personal touch has seen to gain traction amongst the latest wedding trends. For those who are planning a smaller wedding, a personalized place setting is a lovely detail your guests will appreciate.

Statement wedding cakes

image of wedding cake

Mini dessert displays and cupcake tiers dominated weddings in year’s past but next year anticipate a rise in the statement wedding cakes. It’s a great way to be bold, yet in a small way. So, go big or go home and make a statement with your wedding cake.

Colorful confetti

image of colorful confetti at wedding

Enhance your wedding’s wow factor with colorful confetti at your wedding. Gone are the days where you throw a bag of brown rice, so get a little creative and add a little color without overdoing it.

Bring in the outdoors

While outdoor weddings are still a popular option, bringing the outdoors in is a great way to offer a softer, more natural aesthetic to your indoor wedding. Greenery continues to be a classic option with flowers and foliage offering a lusher surrounding.

Balloon walls

image of a balloon wall

Balloons are making a come-back in a big way! As one of the bigger 2019 wedding trends on the rise, balloon displays are for adults too. Replacing the traditional flower wall, balloon walls have taken over this traditional classic with a bit of a modern flare. Forget the image of the balloon archway hanging over your head for your homecoming pictures, these balloon walls are thoughtfully designed and offer a sophisticated and modern element.

Non-traditional floral arrangements

Looking beyond the typical floral arrangements, brides and grooms are looking for more natural decorative displays. Using natural grasses such as pampas and wheat grass, offer a neutral look while also creating a romantic feel.

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